Buying Diamonds: Keep these Tips in Mind

In terms of buying diamonds, consumers have more options today than before. Aside from being able to buy diamonds from brick-and-mortar jewellery stores, you can just buy diamonds from the comfort of your home using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. But, there are some considerations that you must keep in mind to protect your investment. These include the following:

Doing your Research

Just like you other major purchases, you need to research your options in terms of diamonds. Be informed about the 4C’s and identify the diamond qualities you find the most important. This will guide you in buying the right diamond.

Checking out for Specifics

When you shop for diamonds online, you want to know exactly what you are getting. A number of websites offer diamonds in a range of carat weight, clarity, or color. To make sure you know the stone’s value you are buying, look for specifics on its 4C’s instead of the range. Also, ensure the diamond comes with an independent grading report such as those that the GIA gives. This will help you determine the stones’ quality.

Knowing the Seller

After deciding on the diamond to buy, you should know more about the seller. Australian diamond brokers will help you connect with the country’s best diamond sellers. But you should know what to look out for in a diamond seller. These include:

  • Years in business.
  • Customer reviews.
  • Trade associations.
  • Transaction security.
  • Return policy
  • Location.
  • Shipment.

Ensuring Quality and Security

Look for a grading report from an independent organization such as GIA. Verify this report on the organization’s online database. This report provides a full assessment of the quality of the diamond using the 4C’s. Ensure the report number is laser-inscribed on the girdle. Sometimes, the inscription happens before the diamond is offered for sale or can be requested during purchase. This inscription can also be a symbol or a personal message.

Considering the Payment Method

Online diamond sellers or auction websites are expected to specify the way they accept payments. If you want to pay using your credit card and if there are issues with your purchase, your credit card company may give recourse.

Getting the Diamond Appraised

Allow an independent appraiser to appraise the diamond to make sure it matches the description of the seller and the accompanying documents. Your appraiser will also give the diamond’s value for insurance purposes.

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